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OUI Experience


Take to the paths less traveled! OUI Experience is here to take you on a private journey through the great outdoors with off-roading at your own comfortable pace! Turn terrain you wouldn’t usually be able to traverse into your playground, beginning an adventure that knows no bounds! Those mountains you see in the distance and wonder “How does the view look from the top of that?”, well we take you there to see for yourself! Discover the heart of nature at a relaxed pace! Having set the record in Laughlin and Las Vegas for the oldest male (92 years old who had never off-roaded before) and female (88 years old who had only ever been on a quad when she was younger) to come off-roading on separate trips, this is an experience that has no upper age limits or experience requirements! Our trails are exciting and gorgeous, but not terrifying or overly dangerous! If this still pushes your comfort zone, feel free to choose our new Desert Experience, where you let the professional guide (Jake) take you out to explore in a custom built Jeep Wrangler. Explore nature as it was intended, from stunning mountain ranges to Baja areas leading down to serene waters! This is that experience that everyone talks about after, and OUI Experience is here to help you create these memories with only your loved ones that last a lifetime!

OUI Experience

Normandy Rd Dolan Springs, AZ 86441

Phone: (763) 218-8422