Tiffany ensures that every guest who steps aboard the Celebration, whether for a picturesque tour of the Colorado River or a delicious dinner cruise, is treated to service as amazing as the view.

Art: Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome aboard the Celebration. Let me introduce the most incredible server, Tiffany.

Tiffany: My name is Tiffany. I work on Celebration River Cruises on the Colorado River. I've got a great office, great people that come on the boat every day; I find myself actually looking at the water just as much as the customers do sometimes because it's that nice.

In the evening we're going to be on our dinner cruise. It's elegant dining, you get the whole boat to yourselves; great food, great atmosphere, great people.

Cyndi: It's romantic, it's very personal.

Richard: The food's good.

Cyndi: And the food's good. 

Tiffany: I want your experience to be how I would want my vacation to be. We're all small town people; we love our guests just as much as we love our co-workers and our families, which is a really awesome thing that you find here in this town.

Art: We actually have customers come back just to see her when they're here in Laughlin. She's that good with the customers.

Cyndi: It was like she anticipated our every need. She was there to provide what we needed before we even knew we needed it.

Tiffany: Laughlin is a special place to me because Laughlin is about friendship and connection.

Cyndi: It's a wonderful time; it's something really special.

Tiffany: I get to be the friendly, caring person that I am at heart. It's a town that pulls that out of me and lets me provide that for other people. I feel very lucky that I live and work in Laughlin.