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Rockets Over The River

Rockets Over The River
Location: Laughlin Riverwalk
Start Date: 07/04/2014
End Date: 07/04/2014
Dark Date(s): N/A
Times: Dusk / 9:30 pm
Cost: Free for viewing

Just after dark on Independence Day, Friday, July 4, the huge 24th annual Rockets Over The River fireworks display will be free for public viewing along the entire Laughlin River Walk and your favorite Laughlin hotel.  Typically, this extraordinary display is one of the most spectacular and exciting in the West as the pyrotechnic company shoots its rockets into the dark desert sky and the reflection of each exploding shell shimmers over the swift-moving Colorado  River.  Fabulous patriotic music will be choreographed to the show and simulcast over speakers by Laughlin hotels and local radio stations. You won't want to miss this all-American celebration and breathtaking event!