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Frank Sinatra, Jr: Sinatra Sings Sinatra

Frank Sinatra, Jr:  Sinatra Sings Sinatra
Location: E Center at the Edgewater
Phone: 702-298-2453
Start Date: 12/28/2013
End Date: 12/28/2013
Dark Date(s): N/A
Times: 8 pm; doors open at 6:30 pm
Cost: $25; $45; $60; $65; $85
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While studying music at the University of Southern California, Frank Jr. originally planned a career as a pianist and conductor, but destiny led to his debut in show business as a singer. In 1963 the 21-year-old made his debut in Manhattan. Since then he has performed in major clubs and showrooms throughout the US, Canada, Japan, Brazil and England. He has performed on stage, on variety and talk shows, and in lounges and showrooms. In 1988, he joined his father's staff as musical director and conductor, helping choose the music, rehearsing and conducting the orchestra. In 1993, both father and son were booked at the Desert Inn in Las Vegas--Frank Sr. in the showroom and Frank Jr. in the Lounge. "It was a lot of work conducting for my father and then singing two of my own shows, but I can't remember when I've had so much fun," Frank Jr. said. Following his father's death, Frank Jr. created a special performance featuring his father's voice, special lighting and Bill Miller, Frank Sr.'s pianist for almost 50 years. The tremendous success of the event led to Frank Jr. performing his father's music on tour--"Sinatra Sings Sinatra".